Exhaustion is setting in for some of the volunteers, who are working long hours, at no charge, in hopes of creating a home fit for a hero.

Specialist Andrew Smith and his wife Tori were on site again Friday to thank each worker, those doing the heavy lifting say that's what's keeping them going.

It's hard to tell where one shift ends and another begins. Rod Loebrich is a part of a trio of Cleveland carpenters working around the clock.

"We got home late last night. We actually pulled a double shift and got out of here about 11:30 last night," said Rod Loebrich.

Loebrich returned hours later. He's tired, but ready to work for a solider who has sacrificed so much.

"I got a nephew who's in them Marines and I know how it goes. I've been watching Andrew's story and it really touches you," said Loebrich.

One hundred and fifty contractors started day 2 of the week-long build. By lunch time the plumbing, electrical, heating and air were all installed. The roof well on its way.

"Andrew is the inspiration. His spirit, his attitude, going through what's he's been through. and I really believe that is why everyone is so encouraged to do this for him," said Zach Wamp.

Making a connection with Specialist Andrew Smith and his wife Tori on site is what is keeping Rod Loebrich going.

"With him, with that wheelchair bouncing around and then getting up this morning and walking around the house. That's really great," said Loebrich.

One step closer to a true hero's homecoming. And Andrew and Tori Smith aren't missing an opportunity to thank the friends, strangers, and neighbors who are pitching in.

"We want to see everyone who is coming on to thank them. We can't stop thanking them enough," Tori Smith.

"It just says so much about how the community here feels about those who serve," said Andrew Smith.

Steps2hope is calling for trim carpenters to help on the site Saturday around 4 p.m.

If you'd like to volunteer -- in an capacity -- this weekend all you have to do is show up at the registration tent on Bill Jones Road.

And if you want to keep an eye on the progress, we have a live 24/7 webcam at wrcbtv.com that will take you to the site any hour of the day.