Construction began at 9:00 a.m. Thursday on a week-long mission to build a wounded warrior a home.

Friday marked day two in the project to build Andrew Smith and his wife Tori a new home in Apison.

It's not yet a home, but it's starting to look like a house. Progress of the build is thanks largely in part to volunteers working countless hours on little sleep.

Local framer Chad Ledbetter is running on four hours of sleep Friday. No energy drinks. No coffee. Just Gatorade and water, he said.

Ledbetter worked 15 hours on the first day of the build. Now he's back for round two and he's framing for free.

"We gotta get it done today so whatever it takes to get the framing done, we're gonna get it done today," he said.

Mark Wilson is the founder of "Steps2Hope," the local non-profit making this all possible. He said despite a minor speed bump Thursday, the community has rallied.

"We lost a crew last night, got on Channel 3 last night and Callie said we need framers, we need roofers and we had people showing up all night and when I woke up after a couple hours of sleep tonight, they were way ahead of where I thought I was," Wilson said.

Ledbetter said he doesn't think twice lending his time to help a hero.

"My grandpa was in the military, in WWII, and he always talked about how we can serve our country and serve our soldiers and that's why I'm here," he said.

"Our community is full of people with big hearts and we're doing a great thing for a great couple," Wilson said.