Carol Stowe has been a long time resident on Bomar Street in LaFayette and a recent string of break-ins now have her on the lookout for anything suspicious.

Just recently her neighbors car was stolen for a joy ride.

Stowe says, "Some kids keep walking up and down the street and you can tell what they are doing. They are looking and scoping things out and they have been doing it for a good long time."

LaFayette police have worked nearly a dozen break-ns and stolen cars in the area and say it's expected to happen, just not like this and all at once.

Captain Stacey Meeks says, "This is a high-crime season and it has been especially high in this one area. The amount of burglaries and stolen vehicles we have had in one week is abnormally high, even for us."

Meeks says it looks like the works of juveniles and a local group keeps causing mischief in neighborhoods that aren't normally high-crime areas.

He says two cars were open, one with keys in it.

The suspects took to other parts of town to commit crimes and then park the cars back in the driveway.

Meeks says, "It is just a crime of opportunity. They go by, pull the door handle and they grab what they can get."

If it is a juvenile, Meeks says the issue isn't catching the thieves, it's prosecuting them.

Juvenile detention isn't meant to hold non-violent offenders for an extended time.

Meeks says, "It gets frustrating because we charge them as a juvenile and then they get right back out."

Stowe says it's unsettling knowing someone could be targeting her home.

"It is kind of eerie you know. People walking up and down the road trying to get into stuff. Seeing what you got and what you don't got."

Call LaFayette police if you have any information to help police catch who is responsible.