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ONLY ON 3: Jackson Manufacturing speaks out about Federal audit

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In April Federal investigators with Immigration Custom Enforcement or ICE began an audit of all of Jackson Manufacturer's employees.

"ICE, as a matter of policy will typically conduct I-9 audits of businesses based on a variety of reasons, everything from random inspections or if we receive a tip or information that leads us to believe that a business may not be in compliance," says ICE spokesperson Bryan Cox. 

Last week the company received a list of employees with suspicious documents. Human Resources Manager Todd Deluca says 300 of its 900 employees were on that list.

"We talked to each employee on that list and they were given the opportunity to present more documentation that would be reviewed by the ICE investigator," explains Deluca.

A couple hundred employees on that list left and never came back. "About 245, 250 either left when approached with that or tried to bring documentation that still was not acceptable," Deluca says.

So far the company has filled about 75 percent of those open positions. "We've been around Cleveland for 80 years, we're the third largest employer in the county," says Deluca.

While the company did not use E-Verify, an online program that helps businesses determine who can work in the United States, in the past. Deluca says that's now being considered.

"We want to prevent this from happening again, there's no reason this should be a situation again with Jackson Furniture," says Deluca. "If they can't present documents they're not going to work here, its that simple."


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