A jack-knifed tractor-trailer closed two lanes of Interstate 24 westbound Wednesday morning near mile marker 178, which is near the I-24/U.S. 27 junction.

The rig was carrying a load of bottled water and spilled part of its load onto the roadway.

The driver told Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Dan Kennedy he was carrying 41,000 pounds of bottled water to Nashville when a tire blew out, causing the truck and trailer to jack-knife.

"I had a tire blow on the rear of the trailer and luckily there was a truck beside me that didn't have a load in a flatbed truck," driver Thomas Griffin told Channel 3. "And when it blew, my trailer landed on top of his trailer doing no damage. And of course when he pulled out, it flipped my tractor trailer over."

No serious injuries were reported. Griffin credits his faith.

"And the only think I got to thank is the good Lord. Luck didn't have anything to do with it. It's all in my faith," he said.

The accident backed up traffic in both directions. Crews had to drain fuel from the truck to prevent leaks before proceeding with the cleanup. After that, a crew moved the boxes of water out from the trailer.

TDOT revised its estimated time to have the accident cleared, saying it may now be closer to 2:00pm.

ALTERNATE ROUTE | Broad Street to Cummings Highway, around the foot of Lookout Mountain to Browns Ferry Road to I-24 WB