After losing their home and everything in it to fire, a Walker County family is back on their feet, thanks to the help of the Channel 3 viewing community.

Last month WRCB introduced you to the Snyder family, a family of 14, trying their best to move on after losing their home in a fire.

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They now have a roof over their heads and a brighter future thanks to the help of complete strangers.

"Things have been a lot better," says Candace Snyder.

Snyder and her family lost their trailer home in Lafayette after it went up in flames in the early hours of the morning. She and seven others inside barley made it out in time.

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"It's hard to start from the bottom when you got babies," she says.

Their community stepped up in a big way, donating food and clothes. But it was a local truck dealership in Summerville that came to the rescue.

"As soon as they saw my interview on the news, they instantly, the next day, they called Momma. They were on it. They were like, 'We're here. We're here to help.'"

"It worked out perfect. They were down here within about 30 minutes after I called them," says Chris Nixon.

Nixon works at 'Truck Town.' He and the owner, Billy Dooley, got the Synder family into a new home, with first month's rent taken care of.

"Lots of tears, lots of smiles. Happy kids. It really made my heart feel good," says Nixon.

"They did everything they could to make sure that we were ok with these babies," says Snyder.

Candace says their act of kindness means so much.

"It means a lot. It makes me feel better that there were people out there that did care," says Snyder.

The family has been through hard times before, losing their home to fire three times, each incident just as scary as the first.

"Somebody's up and down all night, checking on the kids, making sure there's no fires," says Snyder.

She says she is forever grateful to the help of complete strangers.

"I'm glad to have a roof over my head. I'm glad that these babies have somewhere to sleep at night."

"That was what we were wanting to do, just get them on their feet. Get them to where they could go forward, find somewhere permanent, and Lord willing, things will take off for them and things will be in good shape from this point forward," says Nixon.

Truck Town says they are not through with the Snyders yet. They are working to put on a benefit concert for the family, to give them an extra boost of support.

An official cause of the fire was never ruled, but Walker County emergency officials say they do suspect it was electrical in nature.