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Local woman raising money for bullet-proof K9 vests

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Torres is one of the newest canine's on the Chattanooga Police force.

He's training through the day to earn his certification, going through real world scenarios any officer could face.

Unlike officers in the field who usually pack a car full of gear, including a bullet proof vest, Torres goes into action with just his instincts.

Master Patrolman Barry Vradenburgh trains Torres and says, "That's the scary part is they just head into it. Someone may be hiding in a building with a weapon."

Many police dogs cost nearly $20,000 to train plus the cost of extra equipment.

Robin Scott is looking to lighten the load on the force's budget.

She started the group "Invest In K9" after watching a video of an officer who lost his police dog in a shootout.

She says dogs like Torres needs to wear a vest, just like the officers.

"They do a great service to our community. Not just with keeping the drugs down, but apprehending felons. They also help keep the officers alive."

Vradenburgh says he hasn't lost any dogs to violence in the past 18 years, but he knows the danger they face. The vests would help reduce some of that danger.

"It covers a large part of their body. Down their chest, each flank, and the top of the dog."

Scott's goal is to outfit all 11 dogs, even the non-patrol dogs, with vests, and in just three months she has purchased three vests.

"I am so overwhelmed by what I have received and I am excited that so many people care."

Each vest costs close to $900.

If you would like to help visit the Invest in K9 Facebook or call Robin Scott at (423) 838-9157.


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