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"One-Armed Hero" saves Georgia girl

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Caylee Brumlow Caylee Brumlow

CARTERSVILLE, GA (WXIA) - Caylee Brumlow almost didn't make it to her fourth birthday.

Her parents said a woman with one arm saved their daughter's life and they never got a chance to thank her. The problem is, they don't know who she is.

Corey Brumlow said the family was celebrating Caylee's birthday on Saturday on the beach at Georgia's Red Top Mountain.

The day of celebration turned into panic when Brumlow and his wife lost sight of their daughter.

"As soon as we didn't see her, neither one of us wanted to admit it but we thought the worst right then and there," Brumlow said. "We thought she had went under."

After about a minute, Brumlow said his oldest son spotted Caylee being held barely above water by a woman with only one arm in about six feet of water.

Brumlow said after his daughter began breathing on the beach the woman with one arm came up to him.

"As soon as she walked up, she put her arm around my neck and we hugged and kind of shared a thank you type embrace and I never saw her again," he said.

Brumlow said he was so wrapped up in making sure his daughter was okay that he didn't have a chance to properly thank the woman.

"I would like to thank her and tell her how much I love her for what she's done," he said. "She let my baby girl see 4 years old."

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