INDIANAPOLIS (WTWO) -- Supervisors at Indiana's Exotic Feline Rescue are speaking out after an employee was injured in an incident on Friday.
Marissa Dub was mauled by a tiger while working inside a cage.

She was flown to Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis for multiple injuries and is in serious condition.

"Our policy here is very firm, keepers do not go in the cages with the animals," said Joe Taft, rescue center director.

The Exotic Feline Rescue houses hundreds of cats, and for over the past 20 years there's never been a serious injury.
Officials say that's all thanks to very strict safety procedures.

"The only way somebody gets into a cage with a cat is that they don't close the gate," said Taft.

Multiple gates, but remembering to close those gates is all up to the human.

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