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City begins landslide mitigation on Missionary Ridge

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The City of Chattanooga is trying to keep another landslide from happening on Missionary Ridge while cleaning up what's left from a mess back in September.

That's when a mudslide flooded yards at the foot of the ridge, causing long-term problems and inconveniences for some residents.

The sound of early morning construction is a welcome one for Missionary Ridge resident, James McClellan III. McClellan said the September landslide damaged parts of his property. He said his tool shed, lawn mower and other yard equipment was crushed by his retaining wall in February. He said the large concrete wall fell after his driveway shifted from the landslide. McClellan also said the mudslide clogged neighborhood drains and attracted pesky bugs.

"I just hope that something gets done and that we're just not left hanging here and then they come and patch it and not fix it," McClellan said.

Now the City is responding in a move to prevent another mudslide and cleanup what's left of September's mess.

Construction crews are shaping and stabilizing the ground on the Ridge. The next step is called "soil nailing." Crews will drive long bolts into the Ridge and pour concrete around the bolts to stabilize the slope. Finally, it plans to dig a large ditch to catch running storm water.

Lee Norris with the Public Works Department says homeowners should start getting help in their front yards right now.

"And mainly that will be cleaning up what's left of the mud, re-seeding, putting down some top soil in some cases and that should be taken care of in the next 2-3 weeks," said Norris.

As the project nears the end, McClellan said it's not quite time for relief.

"I'm not relieved," he said. "I don't trust anything right now until I see someone down here working, that's when I'll be relieved."

The city estimates the entire three week project will cost between $300,000 and $350,000.

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