Good Monday. Business as usual, summer weather will be with us this week: hot, humid, and the occasional thunderstorm in the afternoon.

This time of year, there is a semi permanent area of high pressure that develops off the east coast known as the Bermuda High. This is very influential in our weather for several reasons.

It is responsible for the south winds that have been bringing in... lots of moisture from the gulf, increasing our humidity levels. It is also keeping temps at or just above normal levels in the upper 80s and low 90s.

The Bermuda High also (as does all sinking air associated with high pressure) inhibits thunderstorm development. Because of that, we will see hot, muggy air with only a few isolated thunderstorms possible each afternoon through Wednesday.

Thursday through Saturday, a front will slowly press through and the Bermuda High will shift eastward. That front will spark more widespread showers and storms for that time period, then we will see slightly cooler and drier air briefly moving in for Sunday.

Download the WRCB weather app for the interactive radar. David Karnes


8am... Partly Cloudy, 69

Noon... Partly Cloudy, 83

5pm... Isolated Storms, 90