Emergency responders were called early Saturday morning to defuse hot spots and meet with the owner of Happy Valley Farms.  The property is considered to be an historic landmark in Walker County. 

The surrounding neighbors said this tragedy hit home for many, because they knew the owner Marion Hutcheson.

She is known in the community for going the extra mile to keep her animals comfortable and well taken care of during the hot summer months. 

New details revealed a caring gesture she made could have caused the fire to spread quickly.

David Ashburn with Walker County EMS said "They had fans in each one of the stalls to keep the horses cool.  If you know anything about fires, you blow on something it makes it a whole lot worse."

Within minutes intense flames ripped through one of the stables killing 35 prized show horse.

The estimated amount of damage is rumored to be around 4 to 5 million dollars.