The research and treatment conducted at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is saving lives of children here in the Tennessee Valley.

A North Georgia boy is one of those success stories.

We first met Noah Burczyk in 2007.  He was at St. Jude undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma. 

His mom, Melinda, says Noah's symptoms seemed like a normal stomach bug at first, but they quickly learned he was much sicker.  As soon as they found out Noah had neuroblastoma, Melinda knew exactly where she wanted to be. "In that ER, when I first saw those computer screens, I said,

'What about St. Jude?' I knew we had to get there and get there quick."

Noah and his family spent about a year in Memphis while he underwent surgery, chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and radiation.  Melinda credits the "amazing staff of doctors and nurses. We couldn't have made it without them." Noah agrees,  "It's a great place to be."

Although Noah's been in remission since 2007, he makes regular visits to St. Jude for checkups. 

This year's visit will be a little different.  When Noah goes in July for his next checkup,  he will go to the survivor clinic.

"They are no longer going to necessarily look for tumors.  Now when we go, it will be focused on what the cancer has done to him, to his body, what the chemo treatments has done and what we may be facing long term." says Melinda.

Noah just graduated 5th grade.  He wants to be a train conductor when he gets older.  No matter which track life takes him on, his family knows his journey could have been very different without St. Jude. "Not many neuroblastoma moms can stay their baby is alive and thriving and a typical boy because St. Jude saves lives."