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Patten Towers resident seek legal help

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Several displaced Patten Tower victims say a representative from PK Management knocked on their doors early Thursday morning, asking them to sign a document without giving them a chance to look at it.

A few of them contacted legal aid attorney Emily O'Donnell.

She went to the hotel to talk to the PK Management rep and get a copy of the document.

O'Donnell said, "I just wanted to know what they were being ask to sign. The members of PK Management wouldn't speak to me or let me know what the document was about that they were asking my clients to sign."

O'Donnell also said she overheard a PK Management employee tell one of the Patten Tower residents to not speak to legal aid for advice. 

Russel Fowler, who works for legal aid, said, "These documents may be perfectly fine. When a person asks you to sign a legal document without looking at it , you should run and run fast."


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