This week's case involves multiple crimes and perhaps the same suspect.

Someone broke into a car on Amy Lane in the Brainerd area and made off with credit cards and personal information belonging to the owner.

Pictures included with this story come from surveillance video collected at Walmart on Highway 153 where our suspect stopped in on Tuesday, May 7th, and used one of the stolen cards.

He appears to be a white man with a slim build. On this day, he wore a dark colored jacket, red T-shirt, blue jeans, and hat.

Cameras in the parking spotted him driving a dark colored pickup truck with a tool box mounted in back.

Police say he used the credit card to purchase gift cards at Walmart, then used those gift cards to purchase numerous items in the store. Nearly a week later, he returned and tried to use the same stolen credit card again. It was rejected. The owner had shut it down.

Have another look at the pictures. Does the man look familiar? How about the ball cap, or those in combination with the pick-up truck he used to arrive and depart?

If you can put the clues together and help lead police to this guy, there is reward cash waiting, no questions asked. Call Crime Stoppers today at: 698-3333

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