Less than a year after a deadly meningitis outbreak linked to a Massachusetts company surfaced, judges are telling more healthcare facilities in Tennessee to turn over records.

Erlanger hospital and the Chattanooga Neuroscience and Spine Center have been subpoenaed for documents that involved the New England Compounding Center.

Erlanger released a statement, saying it neither bought nor used any of the contaminated medications.

As of right now more than 740 cases have been reported in the U.S., 152 right here in Tennessee.

So far 58 people have died.

Gerard Stranch, IV, a lawyer representing most of the Tennessee cases, says many of his clients are getting worse from the disease.

"More cases are coming forward. We are also seeing people who were treated in that time frame, got better and are now relapsing."

Local facilities like The Wellness Pharmacy and the Medical Center Compounding Pharmacy are two of the three centers in the state that are PCAB accredited.
This means they go to great lengths to ensure medicines stay untainted.
An FDA investigation shows the Massachusetts facility had mold growing in lab areas and several water leaks. All red flags a more watchful eye should have caught.

"This is a direct result of lack of oversight in their labs, an 'I don't care' attitude and frankly the regulators didn't check up on them. Otherwise, this could have been caught at any point," Stanch says.