CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- A Chattanooga neighborhood is hoping to change lives, by providing more job opportunities in the community. Dozens of people showed up at the Eastdale Community Center in hopes of landing a job.

"When you work, it just trains your mind to do better," says 15-year-old To'rey Covington.

Not old enough to enter the workforce just yet, but that didn't stop her from exploring future options at Wednesday's Eastdale job center. Now imagine if every 15-year-old inner city kid thought like that.

That's what organizer Demetrus Coonrad has in mind.

"We can reduce the crime if you have employment or your given a chance to be employed, then they have a different avenue to take so they won't be involved in crime," he says. "We have some great people in this neighborhood and we just want them to be thriving in a more positive direction."

As exhausting as job searching can be, Duane Parks knows it would be harder without inner city job fairs.

"It gets very frustrating but my son is my motivation. I look in his eyes and I gotta keep striving to be the best I can be," says Parks.

Organizers agree with Parks, they say find something that motivates you and go after it. Set an example for those headed the wrong way.

Tonya Rooks says, "I have a past and I had to learn that if I did positive things and stayed involved in positive things than my life would become more positive. It's like a disease and it catches."

Rooks was wrapped up in all the wrong things, now she's a spokesperson for First Things First. 

Rooks was on hand Thursday helping those who aren't quite work ready.

"They have the heart, but they need a few other things. That's what first things first does we prepare you for that job," says Rooks.

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