Kaylon Bailey is on trial for the murder of Kima Evans. The fatal shooting took place at 1706 Cambridge Drive on Friday, January 13 of 2012.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News Anchor/reporter Jonquil Newland @JonquilNewland3 is tweeting live from the #BaileyTrial. Her Tweets are chronological, with the most recent at top.

Closing arguments will begin Thursday morning.

Court in recess, closing arguments to begin soon.

Prosecutor points out the Johnsons' father, who is charged in the case, is close family to Bailey.

Johnson says Bailey left his Rossville home around 7:45 the night of the shooting. The shooting happened around 7:30 on Cambridge Dr.

Defense calls high school student George Labron Johnson to the stand. Testifies Bailey was at his house when the shooting happened.

Burch also called 911 the night of the shooting. State plays audio in court.

Burch testifies he saw someone walking down the street before he heard gunshots

Defense calls son of state witness to testify. Greg Burch lives next door to Evans' home.

Johnson says Bailey came home with her father. Prosecutor asks if Johnson's father is charged with accessory in the case, she didn't know.

Johnson says Bailey was at her house the eve of the shooting but doesn't recall what time.

Defense calls 20 yr old Ciara Johnson to the stand. Says Bailey was at her house the day of the shooting.

Defense getting ready to call its witnesses.

Bailey says he will not testify. Jury is brought back in.

State rests, jury asked to leave for a short break. Judge advices Bailey of his right to testify.

Evans looks directly at Kaylon Bailey while testifying. Judge wants a 10 minute break.

Evans: last thing he said was mamma this hurts so bad.

Evans wipes tears from her eyes. We here Kima on the 911 call, "Mamma! Mamma!"

Evans doubles over on stand while listening to the 911 call.

"Kaylon Bailey shot him!" -911 call

"Where you shot at baby? He's shot everywhere!" -911 call #

State plays 911 call again.

Evans: There wasn't nothing I could do for him.

Evans becoming emotional as she testifies about her last moments with her son.

Evans: the only thing I seem was a hole in his tailbone.

Evans pauses as she recalls the events of that night.

Evans testifies her son yelled out to her after shots rang out and said "Kaylon Bailey" before she was able to call 911.

Anita Evans says her son was leaving home, was outside about 15 minutes before she heard gunshots.

Kima Evan's mother called to testify.

Paramedic testifies Evans told him "Caleb Bailey" shot him. Acknowledges Evans may not have been able to enunciate words correctly.

Paramedic testifies Evans looked like he was trying to get into back seat of car when he was shot, allegedly by a rifle.

Another neighbor testifies victim, Kima Evans, was screaming "Kaylon Bailey shot me" the night of the shooting.

Burch testifies she heard about 4 shots the night of the shooting, then heard victim's mother screaming "my son has been shot!"

State calls neighbor Chessie Burch to the stand. She lives on Cambridge Dr., the road where the shooting happened.

#BaileyTrial back in session.

@tmobnoles just took a break for lunch. I'll keep you updated!

Trial about to break for lunch. #BaileyTrial Back at 1:45.

911 call played in courtroom. "He's shot everywhere!" "Someone named Kaylon shot him!"

Judge wants to hear from one more witness before lunch. 911 Center employee Chris Gainer called to stand. #BaileyTrial

Hyatt testifies she found a wig in the bag Bailey left at her house when he left to go to liquor store. #BaileyTrial

State calls 6th witness to stand. Rakesha Hyatt says she was with Ricks planning funeral arraignments with her. Bailey showed up at her home

Mosley testifies Bailey ended up at her house the night of the murder. Mosley was not there. Bailey said he didn't know what he had done.

State calls 5th witness to the stand. Deborah Mosley says she knows Bailey through a friend who "broke it off" with Bailey.

Ricks testifies Bailey drover her car to the liquor store the night of the shooting. That night she received a call to stay away from him.

Rick testifiesBailey was at her house the day before shooting. Says he was there to comfort her after her brother's death.

State calls 4th witness to stand. Shaneka Ricks says she's known Bailey since she was 17, she's 30 now.
Jonquil Newland

Hamilton testifies there were 13 cell phone calls or messages made the night of the murder.

State's 3rd witness called to the stand. Mark Hamilton testifies he examined cell phone records in this case.

After a quick break day 2 of Kaylon Bailey's murder trial begins #Baileytrial

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