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St. Jude Stories of Hope: Jack White

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The past 15 years have been quite the roller coaster ride of emotions for one local family who has learned to treasure every moment.
Jack White reminds you of any other typical teenager. But getting to this point was truly a miracle.
What started out as a stomach ache back in 2000, was much more, something that would forever change Jack's life.
Beth White, Jack's mom, says, "Within a few hours, we found that Jack had a very large tumor in his chest, it was called neuroblastoma, and as the doctor said, it was always malignant."
Within a few days it was so large that it was the size of the football and totally collapsed his lung.
White says, "Just that horrible fear, just that unknowing and just that total shock, how could something so horrible be inside my baby?"
Overwhelmed by emotions and fear, Beth says time was of the essence.
White says, "We were in Memphis by Monday."
And by Friday Jack started chemotherapy at St. Jude.
After several rounds of chemo and an experimental drug, Jack's cancer was in remission, but he wasn't out of the woods just yet.  He relapsed two years later and the prognosis was bleak, but St. Jude was once again there for them in more ways than one.
White says, "Not only do they treat the child, they treat the entire family."

White says, "I have to make sure those doors stay open every single day because I never know."
Jack, who has now been in remission since 2005, plays on his high school football team, and just got his driving permit, says he is definitely a living testament to the life-saving work at St. Jude.

Jack says, "Obviously, I'm here today. That is one success story. There are hundreds of others."  
Buying a ticket to the Dream Home is one way you can help make sure those success stories continue.
White says, "So thankful not only for the hospital and all the people that work there, but for all the millions of people who support St. Jude. Because without them miracles like that can't happen."

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