It has been a wet and rainy spring so far, which has probably been good for your garden or your lawn. But the rain is keeping local exterminators busy, keeping pests outside.

Those in local pest control say all of the rain we have gotten this spring has ants looking for a new home. And more than likely, that new home is going to be yours.

As soon as Ola Phipps drives up, the ants start running.

"I found something that I love to do. And that's killing bugs," says Phipps.

For almost 31 years, Phipps has owned 'Lady Bug Exterminating Company.' Of the 1,600 homes she services, this spring she has gotten dozens and dozens of calls from homeowners about an invasion of ants.

"We have seen a lot of ants," she says.

On her seventh stop of the day, she is spraying a line of defense around the home of Paul Trudel.

"Normally, we're dealing with roaches and other crawly things, but this spring has turned to ants," says Trudel.

After failed attempts of home remedies and self-treatment, he turned to Phipps.

"What we found is, we did need a professional," says Trudel.

Phipps investigates every nook and cranny, trying her best to think like the six-legged creature.

"Their ultimate goal is to go in and get some sugar, grease, whatever. Get a feeding. If they love it, they're going to call the rest of them," she says.

She also says the rain has washed out their homes, creating another incentive to move in. Phipps says clean up any food left out and avoid stacking wood or packets of mulch near your home.

"You pull this mulch back like this a little bit and you can see these little ants," she says, as she inspects the perimeter of Trudel's home.

Phipps says a little bit of proactive treatment, goes a long way and will keep the creepy-crawlies out of your house.

"Oh, I tell ya! I just like killing these little ants!"

Phipps says consistency is key. When you are treating your home, you need to do it more frequently in the beginning. For example, she says you can start out on monthly or bi-monthly treatments and work your way down to quarterly treatments.