ORLANDO (WESH) - Ireland Nugent took her first steps in her new prosthetic legs and feet that will allow the two and a half year old to take them home from a rebound from an accident that nearly took her life.

Watching his daughter walk was a huge relief for Jerry Nugent. He was driving the lawnmower when she was accidentally run over in April.

"It's huge. For us it's from a tragedy to a triumph. We're getting close to that triumph. Where she is going to be walking again and doing everything she did before the accident," said Ireland's Father, Jerry Nugent.

For her mother, Nicole Nugent, waiting for this moment was more difficult than waiting for her to walk for the first time.

"This is bigger because there was so much of a potential for, I hate to say it, but a loss of life," Nicole Nugent said. "Now, we're looking at her growing up and happy and I'm just so excited for her."

The man who fitted Ireland with her legs, feet and her favorite Dora the Explorer sneakers expects her to do very well as she grows and has to continually adapt to replacements.

"It's sort of like teaching kids to wear shoes. They always want to take them off and not wear them but they'll get used to it, and Ireland will be doing everything she used to do as a kid within weeks," said Stan Patterson of the Prosthetic and Orthotic Assoc.

It's an incredible sight for the next door neighbor and nurse, who provided first aid to Ireland after her father tragically backed over her on a riding lawn mower.