What begins as a night of hanging out and drinking, turns into a machete fight with four people injured.

McMinn County deputies arrested Richard Johnson over the weekend, saying he attacked several members of Benny Fritts' family.

Fritts says the group was in a wooded area chopping fire wood and burning brush when someone accused Johnson of groping someone else's wife.

He says Johnson had a few to drink and didn't appreciate being accused of something like that.

Instead he let a blade do the talking.

"He left a big knot in the back of her head and he cut Brian two or three times with that machete. I mean, he was just swinging it. He weighs about 260 pounds," says Fritts.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Johnson, but it didn't stop there.

While in the patrol car he began hitting his head against the window and cage.

That is when deputies used a stun gun to calm him down.

Sheriff Joe Guy says, "Unfortunately on a Saturday night when there is a lot of alcohol and someone has a blade or weapon, there is a potential for someone to get hurt."

Fritts says even from behind bars, Johnson hasn't stopped the threats.

"He said when he got out of jail he was coming back for revenge; but good Lord willing, he won't come back."

Fritts hopes the justice system will be the voice of reason for Johnson.

"I just hope everything works out to the best and he gets all the help he needs."

Johnson is being held on a $42,000 bond.

He faces sexual battery and assault charges.