The sound of New Orleans filled the streets of downtown Chattanooga Saturday afternoon.
The Michael Foster Project is a band from Baton Rouge, but they are inspired by the jazzy music of New Orleans. Michael Foster plays the sousaphone, an instrument like the tuba, but intended for a marching band player.

Foster says he's been all over the world, but there is something about Chattanooga and the Riverbend festival that he loves.

"We came here last year…fell in love, love Chattanooga. This is our first year doing Riverbend and so far the people are great. We are looking forward to the crowd at Riverbend and hopefully we'll have a great show…and we'll get to come back."

Lead singer and trumpet player John Gray says he is looking forward to the show Saturday night and showing off what they can do.

"If you are into having a good time and jammin' and experiencing something different, we comin' straight from the Bayou. We didn't bring the humidity so you don't have to worry about that. But we did bring some heat."

Gray also says their act will cover not only traditional jazz and blues music but they will have some Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Whitney Houston music in the show as well.

The band performed at the Blue Water Grille at noon to give customers a preview for the show. After hearing them play, Kelly Clodfelter says she won't miss it.

"It was an amazing band. They were very articulate and I love the Louisiana theme, you know, I love that music."

Clodfelter says she'll be going to the show tonight and staying for the fireworks that close out the festival.

The Michael Foster Project will be on the Bud Light stage from 5:00 until 7 Saturday. They will be followed by the UK reggae band "Steel Pulse."