CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) -- More than 10,000 bottles of alcohol -- gone.

The liquor in question, Chicken Cock Whiskey, is an unforgettable name with ties to the Prohibition era. The alcohol was back in market for the past four months, after a near century long hiatus, when a batch of 884 cases that was headed to Texas, was stolen.

News 2 spoke with owner Matti Antilla on the phone. He says, "It was a substantial order, almost a thousand cases. They left the distillery on Friday and I learned on Monday morning that they had been stolen."

Anttila is now offering a reward of a whopping $10,000 for information leading to the return of the liquor. Sounds like a lot? Well, the bottles cost much more. Anttila estimates that the amount of bottles taken have a retail value of $200,000, but could go for as much as $1.4 million if sold through restaurants and bars. "It's a meaningful amount. it is about a month's worth of inventory for us."

"We are hopeful that it can be recovered. It is a lot of product to get rid of quietly."

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