A Chattanooga company is making its way around the world leaving its mark through language, and nearly instant updates. If you weren't interested in technology before, this may finally spark your curiosity.

Sovee combines the speed of the Internet with native speaking translators in Chattanooga.

Just a stroll down the hall at Sovee and you can learn hello in several of the 64 different native tongues that Sovee can translate.

It's a worldly place with translation technology not matched by many.

"Sovee has developed smart engine technology, and it's something a lot of people don't have. Traditional translation is you take something and manual translate it, and it's a really slow process," said VP of Marketing Kathleen Casey.

The Smart Engine can do that in seconds. If you're thinking Google Translation can do the same, try fitting an entire website in Google Translation.

After the Smart Engine translates, humans run a fine comb through it.

"If it uses the wrong word, sometimes it will look funny and we have to change it to the correct word," translator Judith Vera Barra said.

So one point Humans and zero points computers?

Joking aside, once the human changes that word, the Smart Engine learns and remembers the mistake.

Employees, located in what they call the cave, solve any other problems. Despite the lack of light in the cave, they're not vampires; they're problem solvers making the Smart Engine tick.

It's so advanced, worldwide brands like the LPGA use Sovee to run a Spanish website. The LPGA has more than 20 players from Spanish speaking countries.

They're also working with PGA legend Jack Nicklaus translating teaching videos for around the world.

"Golf is growing globally, so they wanna reach as many people as they can. If they can get it in as many languages as you can it's a great opportunity for people to learn golf and who better than Jack Nicklaus," said project manager Emily Smith.

Sovee was developed in Chattanooga nearly two years ago. It's a break off company from their original company that only dealt with ministry work. They employee 200 native speaking translators around the world, many based here in Chattanooga.