Surveillance video from Cleveland Middle School shows the crime and havoc throughout the school.

Police say three teens and a juvenile were arrested for the crimes.

Once inside they ran through the hall knocking out ceiling lights before making their way to the library. That's where police say they did the most damage.

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You  can see in the video where they took a flag pole and beat it against a 60-inch tv monitor on the wall.

City school director Dr. Martin Ringstaff says all the suspects came from the school district.

"We just graduated and wished them the best and they turn around and do this to us, so that is what angers me the most."

While in the library they shuffled through desk drawers and took or destroyed whatever they could.

You see in the video where one of the thieves takes a computer monitor and later takes it out the same door they busted in.

In all, the group did more than $10,000 worth of damages and stole about the same amount in equipment in just about an hour.

On the way out, they made a pit stop in the principal's office to get money from a vault.

All four are facing burglary and theft charges.