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PK Management schedules pick up times for Patten Tower residents

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Tim Smith mourns the loss of his niece three years and one day after she passed.

"I know its very hard on [my sister] cause its hard on me," he says.

The former Patten Tower resident now has a new home, but it's empty, both in furniture and sentimental value.

His niece's ashes still sit on the third floor of Patten Towers.

"Feel very bad for my sister. My sister was her mother," says Smith.

Smith's caregiver, Dominique Justice, has fought to get answers and some of Smith's medical needs like his personal hospital bed.

Channel 3 reached out to PK Management. A spokesperson says despite residents not being allowed inside the building, there is a schedule for them to retrieve their items out of their apartments. However, Smith and Justice never heard about it.

"There has been one phone call made to Tim since all this happened and that was last Wednesday - for him to be informed they didn't know when or if he was going to be able to get their stuff out," Justice explains.

Channel 3 stopped by Patten Towers Wednesday after one of the scheduled pick ups. We did see staffers inside the building but did not find any Patten Tower residents.

Security said resident could call the hotline number to reach the employees inside, the same one used for comments and complaints. Employees with PK  Management would not talk to us on the scene.

"These people need help, one way or another they need help from somewhere," says Justice.

Its unclear how PK Management communicates with residents, but Smith fears help may come too late or not at all.

"I think they need to get up off their butts and get stuff in gear and get these people the stuff they need out of their apartments," says Justice. 

According to the schedule Channel 3 obtained pick up at Patten Towers, pick up began Tuesday and ended Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. It's not clear what residents who didn't know about it should do at this time.

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