A Chattanooga road notorious for long lines of traffic continues to test the patience of many drivers and nearby residents.

Shallowford Road is a central hub to Hamilton Place and TDOT is in the midst of widening it from Gunbarrel Road to Jenkins Road.

TDOT began construction on Shallowford last fall to add a center turn lane. Ideally, it will help cut back on traffic. But in the meantime, the orange barrels, mounds of gravel and bulldozers are only adding to the traffic mess.

"If I wanted to spend two hours in the car, I could move to Atlanta or Houston or some place like that but I don't," said Tony McInnis. "One of the great things about Chattanooga is I can be anywhere in 20 minutes but now with road construction I can't be anywhere in 20 minutes."

Tony McInnis doesn't have time for traffic. The father of three boys runs his own donut business, takes his kids to football practice and runs your typical errands around town. But living off Shallowford Road does not make it easy.

Tim Fields manages the Mellow Mushroom at Hamilton Place off Shallowford Road. He hears this all the time from his employees: "Traffic was horrible and she had to do a huge detour just to get here," he said.

Fields believes the congestion and construction does not help him sell pizza.

"It stinks, I'd rather see it be done at nighttime but who can say when someone else can work," Fields said.

McInnis understands the need to widen the busy road. But now he's just ready for a normal neighborhood.

"It seems to us that live out here is that its taking a whole lot longer than it should," he said.

The project will be completed in September. The City of Chattanooga is currently working to pave parts of Shallowford Road.