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Facebook copies #Twitter #again, using #hashtags

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As social media becomes more mainstream, the differences between services is narrowing a bit more. Facebook and Twitter had one-upped each other with new features, and "borrowing" on occasion.

Facebook announced today that it will use hashtags in its service. For those who use Twitter, hashtags allow users to search, organize or add a secondary thought to a post.

Hashtags have become a "a vital part of popular culture" according to Facebook. Many Twitter users cross-post from Twitter to Facebook, and the hashtags have been in use on Facebook for a while.

But now they will have a purpose, and be clickable for users to see other related content and posts.

For those not in touch with hashtags, here's a quick lesson. In other places, the # symbol may be called the "number" sign or the "pound" sign.

Adding a hashtag to posts (or tweets) about an event, a thought or a snarky comment in Facebook will now let you be a part of a different conversation, seeing what people and Facebook pages are discussing on a given topic.

As the functionality is added and enhanced users should be able to search via hashtags to discover new pages and even make new friends.

It's up to you how you use them.

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