Sidney Braziel won't step foot outside his Marion County home at dusk or dawn. That's when the mosquitos, which are known to carry illnesses like West Nile, Malaria and Yellow Fever, are at their worst.

"Here at night my whole screen door will be covered up with them," he says. "They're eating me alive."

While most who live in the country tend to have to put up with more bites, itches and insects, Braziel says the mosquitos this year are horrible, and he claims they come from a pile of tires directly next door.

Channel 3 took his concerns to the property owner, Jane Alder.

"I can't find somebody to take them," Alder says.

Alder says the tires have been there for a while. Her son and grandson were in the tire business and dumped the tires there. However, tragically, both were killed in a car accident about two years ago. The tires have been there ever since.

"They tried to take them to the dump, but they wouldn't take them at the dump," says Alder.

Marion County Solid Waste Director Mark Payne says state regulations keep the county from going on private property to pick up the tires, but he realizes it's a growing health concern, and Alder is neither physically or financially able to take care of it herself.

After Channel 3's calls he says he will contact the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation to see if they can help.

"I'm doing the best I can; I just can't find nobody," Alder cries.