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Report: Half a million in stolen government funds remains uncollected

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A 2012 report of cash shortages in Tennessee shows the more than $500,000 of funds stolen from county governments remains uncollected.

Auditors reported $563,372.50 still uncollected. Some of the funds date back several years.

The funds are a total of counties across the state. Counties are missing anywhere from dollars to thousands of dollars. In Marion County, the Haletown Volunteer Fire Department reported $94,000 stolen in 2010. This cash shortage resulted from checks written on HVFD bank accounts to pay personal expenses of the secretary/treasurer totaling $92,000.

The secretary was indicted and is awaiting trial. Approximately $7,000 has been repaid. Leaving a shortage of $87,000.

Some of the auditor's reports did show improvements. auditors reported new thefts of $106,495.27 – down from $213,635.66 the year before. In addition, thanks to the recovery of $279,817.21 last year - the statewide balance of uncollected funds dropped from $736,694.44 cited in last year's report to $563,372.50 in this year's report.

"While it is good to see that the number of new thefts was down last year and a substantial amount of money was recovered, there's absolutely no reason to be complacent about these statistics," Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said. "It's important for our local government officials to constantly remain on guard against the potential theft of taxpayer money."

You can view the report by county here.

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