OLATHE, KS (KSHB) -- Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital have made history with a procedure they used to fix a baby's aneurysm with superglue.       

Three-week-old Ashlyn Julian, from Olathe, Kan., was born on May 16. Her parents, Gina and Jared Julian, have three other children, and Ashlyn was a healthy baby with no signs of health problems after birth.

"She's a very mild-mannered baby. She doesn't really cry. She just kind of squeaks," Gina said.

Ashlyn's mother said she had a seizure and started throwing up a few weeks after she was born. They rushed her to the hospital, and doctors gave them the diagnosis.

"She has an aneurysm and it's already hemorrhaged, and that's just frightening," Gina said.

The aneurysm bled twice and was in the middle of Ashlyn's brain. Doctors said they are so rare in newborn babies that there are no surgical tools small enough for doctors to use.

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