There's been much talk about the increased security measures inside Riverbend, but things can still get out of hand anytime you have a large crowd.

Saturday night a large fight erupted outside of a parking garage on Market Street. Witnesses caught it all on cell phone video.

Some Riverbend-goers were pulling out of the parking garage when they saw the fight break out.

"This kid got jumped by like three or four other guys. Then all of a sudden, tons of people flocked into the fight and started to get in on it. The mom was freaking out trying to stop it. They were pushing the mom around," said a witness who wished to not use her name. She was worried someone was going to pull out a gun.

Chattanooga Police said they responded to the fight, but the crowd cleared as soon as they got on scene. There is no way of knowing if the people fighting were coming from Riverbend because it happened outside of the festival.

Some of you have been speaking out on our Facebook page about this fight. "Beefed up security does nothing except cause the problems to go outside the festival to unsecured areas, which causes more danger to innocent people on the streets afterwards," wrote Tracey J. Korynas.

Others said fights like this are why they don't attend Riverbend.

Chattanooga Police told Channel 3 they do have an extra presence outside the festival grounds.

Some Riverbend-goers said you just need to be aware of your surroundings.

"I just walk in like a big group, and usually you're ok because you have a bunch of people around you," said Hali Smith of Chattanooga.

The young woman who witnessed Saturday night's brawl said it won't stop her from enjoying Riverbend.

"I've been going since about eighth grade, and I like it. So I don't think it will stop me, but it makes me more cautious," she said.
She also said she's thankful she and her friends didn't get hurt.

Chattanooga Police did tell us a victim was treated for a minor cut not too far from the fight.

They also said there are no reports of fights from inside Riverbend at this time.