Longer lines and security checks are expected at any music festival.

Riverbend adopted new measures this year like bag checks and more security officers and for those waiting to get in that means waiting in line a lot longer than usual.

Some say the new additions aren't speeding up the entry process.

Mitsy Coatney says, "I guess it is because they are checking bags this year and haven't done that in the past. I'm part of the crew and I still have to wait in line."

One by one, people shuffle through the gate at the security bag check.

Sure it adds to the wait time, but some welcome the idea after recent tragic events.

Bruce Walker says, "It is worth it, just to be secure, especially with what has been going on lately. We want them to check. After Boston, we want them to check."

While you will see more security at the door, you won't see the familiar faces of Chattanooga Police there.

Most of the force will be on bike and foot patrol.

This move comes after Friends of the Festival Executive Director Chip Baker announced he could not contract enough private officers to cover the event.

Some say the more security, the better.

Josh Smith says, "Anytime you have more security it is a good thing. It keeps people safe and anything from going in there that doesn't need to be there. I'm okay with it."