The future is still uncertain for residents of Patten Towers.

The government-assisted high rise was evacuated last week, when fire tore through the basement.

Residents stayed in emergency shelters for several days. Many of them are now in hotels.

They say they have a lot of questions about what happens next, but they're not getting answers.

An emergency meeting was called Friday morning.

The meeting addressed the many complaints made by Patten Tower victims that have said they couldn't afford nutritional food, clean clothes and medication.

Another issue addressed: the rumored extension.

The Red Cross did announce that those displaced residents will now have until June 17, to stay in their temporary hotel.

There was a sigh of relief in the room when they mentioned CARTA bus passes would be given out this weekend by social workers.  

The non-profit group "Legal Aid" was also there to answer any questions about their rights.

The grand finale of this meeting was a donation made by PK Management in the amount of $10,000.

The local Red Cross says they spent $80,000 on this emergency effort and appreciated the help.

"Please accept this donation as our appreciation to your organization for all their efforts supporting the Patten Towers," Sandy Matheson said. "These clients are first and in Hamilton County and with the help of the city, we will make sure the displaced people are taken care of."

The displaced residents seemed to still want more answers from PK Management, but they would not offer any additional comment.