Just out of sight of downtown Chattanooga, an eyesore has appeared on the bank of the Tennessee River.

Volunteers helping clean up the river found a raft of debris and scrap metal, just downstream from the Olgiati Bridge.

What is an old cash register box doing a half a mile away from downtown on the Tennessee River?

Another question: what is an entire barge full of what appears to be old restaurant scrap metal doing here?
"There's really no questioning where it came from," Steve Kite said. "The restaurant had big pieces of green and white stripe awning on it and here's pieces of it right here or what is left of it."

Local fisherman Steve Kite said there's no doubt it came from the would-be restaurant that locals have called an eyesore for several years now.
After several days of not knowing exactly where this second eyesore came from, restaurant barge owner Allen Casey owned his baggage, saying it was indeed theirs.

But why was it tied to the bank half a mile downstream?

He said they were supposed to drop it off at PSC Metals, but there was already an existing barge in place.

He backed that up with a letter from PSC, which said it couldn't be done the final week of May.

Channel 3 spoke with PSC, who said Allen was then supposed to reschedule with them this week.

That wasn't done.

Allen confirmed on the phone he would do that after Channel 3's call.

"It just needs to be gotten out of here," Kite said. "They're spilling water right now and should the river go down and this thing actually become lodged on the bottom it's going to be here for a while until the next spill way or the next flood that we have."