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UPDATE: Social Prepper's survival expo in Dalton

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A survival expo is happening in Dalton this weekend.

Social Prepper's Trade Show and Expo features companies and vendors in the industries of survival, solar/power, food, protection, disaster preparation, hunting and more.

Folks showed off their products that can be used for everything from survival to sustainability. One man at the expo told Channel 3 anyone can be a prepper. The idea is to live prepared for anything whether it's the apocalypse, an intruder, or just having to survive off a backyard garden.

"It's kinda like being a kid, you got a hut and you got all this stuff to survive in a hut," said Mike Lanier.

Mike Lanier works at Georgia Paintball and Airsoft in Kennesaw. He is a prepper for personal protection, selling knives, gun scopes and air soft guns. The idea of the air soft gun is to target practice with cheap ammo, to be ready for the real deal.

"It can be doomsday in your home," said Lanier. "It doesn't have to be worldwide doomsday. It can be when somebody's kicking the door in."

From safety to sustainability, Jebadiah Moultan invented the solar oven. He can cook food using just the sun.

"Solar oven is capable of boiling half a gallon of water in under 20 minutes," he said.

The expo also highlighted personal safety with two inground tornado shelters on display. One man said it's worth the investment.

"This stuff is pretty intriguing because with all the hurricanes and tornadoes on the news, this is not very expensive to get out of harms way quickly," said Kevin Corrigan.

Kevin Corrigan and his wife have ten kids with houses in North Carolina and Florida. One thing they don't have is a basement. That's why he's shopping for a storm shelter.

"I think its worth it," he said. "Five-ten thousand dollars for that kind of safety is not a lot of money anymore."

The expo continues Saturday from 11-7. Admission is $15 and kids under 12 get in free. Click here to learn more about the Social Prepper's Trade Show and Expo.

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