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June 6 - It's a boy!

It's a boy!

Those are three words I did not expect to hear in the emergency room.

I think every first time mom has freak out moments. Pregnancy is a constant array of new, strange symptoms. None of it seems normal. And those of us who are first timers are not afraid to pick up the phone and call the doctor. The first time I called about medicine. The second call was about the safety of full body scans on a work trip that took me through two airports. The third call was a bigger deal. Our little man gave us a scare on Memorial Day. My doctor, who is the bomb by the way, met me at the ER on a holiday. All is okay, but in the course of making sure that it was we were introduced to our little man.

Little man has had a busy two weeks. We conquered our first birthing class. I have to wait two weeks for the next one, so I've stocked up on lots of books. I'd love suggestions on mommy-to-be reading material!

We also survived registering for all things baby. Three stores, eight hours, and two swollen feet later we were finished. I probably don't need most of what I registered for. Let's hope I signed up for the stuff I do need. I do know this; there is WAY more girl stuff out there than boy stuff. What's up with that?

Boy or girl, I knew I wanted to do something special to announce the sex. I shared the photo we took on the Walnut Street Bridge to break the news to our friends online.

On the journey (to motherhood),


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