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Eye On Health: Still exercising at 100

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John Waite isn't slowing down anytime soon even though he is about to celebrate a major milestone.
John Waite says, "On June 8th, I will be 100 years old."
Yep, you read that right, 100 years old.
John, who enjoys spending time in the garden, says his regular trips to the gym are a key reason he's still around today.
John Waite says, "I would probably be bed ridden, long as I can stay active, get out and walk a lot that helps."
He definitely stays active,  John says he works out for at least an hour on a variety of different machines doing various lifts and curls.  
John Waite says, "The energy that it gives me and they are ready to help me at any time and show me how to do these machines."  
But John is definitely defying the odds.  A recently released report on the status of Tennessee seniors gives them extremely low marks for health and physical activity.
For senior health:
- Tennessee ranks dead last among all states for physical inactivity
- 47th for hip fractures
- and 46th for preventable hospitalizations
Kathy Dew, trainer, Hamilton YMCA says, "It's definitely an issue, but there are so many growing programs around this area."
Kathy Dew says their exercise classes for senior citizens are some of their most crowded and popular programs.  
Kathy Dew says, "Physical activity keeps you healthy and as you get older keeps you from having to go on certain medications."
John definitely agrees.  He says seniors have to do everything they can to increase their activity and stay healthy to have a better quality of life.
John Waite says, "I've stayed active all my life, the one thing I guess is if you are going to live a long time, don't smoke, don't drink, and don't get too wild."
So you might want to take his advice. After all, he's still active and relatively healthy as he hits the triple digits.

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