CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-DT) - This week's criminal is not after money. He is only after drugs. Some startling surveillance video shows to what lengths he is willing to go to get them. But, for us to get him, it can take as little as one simple phone call from you.

"We believe it's the same suspect in all three different events," explained Chattanooga Police Sergeant Daniel Jones. Same store, same man, and at least three separate burglaries at CVS on Hixson Pike.

In the overnight hours of April 18th, and May 5th, and 20th, the bad guy has pried or smashed his way in and run away with pills. "The first two," said Sgt. Jones, "the suspect pries the back door open and breaks through the back door. Now, on his third attempt to do it, he realizes that they've really barricaded that back door and he's not able to break in. So, he actually goes around to the front of the building and actually smashes through the front of the building."

Have a good look at the surveillance footage. Investigators say he appears to be a white man, 5'7" to 5'8" tall with a medium build and weighing somewhere between 170 and 190 pounds. His burglary costume has been dark clothing, and in the most recent case, a gray hoodie. "All three occasions," Jones added, "he didn't stop anywhere, didn't go to the registers of any of the up front counters. He went straight to he pharmacy, went back, got prescription pills, then left."

Whether he is stealing these drugs for his own use or to sell on the street somewhere, he needs to be stopped. Does this guy look familiar? Maybe the facts of the crime ring a bell. Your anonymous tip could lead to some free reward cash in your pocket. Up to a thousand dollars is waiting. And no one; not us, the police, nor your friends or enemies will ever know you provided the tip.

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