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Defense attorney: "Finally, tonight, they get to sleep"

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A Chattanooga couple will not be held responsible for the death of their daughter.

Two-year-old Camron Wallace was killed, when her brother found a revolver in a nightstand and accidentally shot her in the chest.

After two days of testimony, a jury of 12 found Thomas and Samantha Wallace not guilty of criminally negligent homicide Wednesday evening.

"It's been three years dealing with this, but you know, it won't be the end of it for them," defense attorney, Dan Ripper said. "Their child is still dead. Nothing that happened today brings Camron back. It was just a way of prolonging their pain for three years."

It was an emotional two days for the Wallace's.

Thomas Wallace took the stand in his own defense.

"She came out and she told me that I needed to go home," Thomas testified. "Something bad had happened. And when I get there, I see that my daughter is in the police's hands and she's bleeding real bad."

The gun that killed Camron was a Father's Day gift to Thomas from his wife Samantha, who chose not to take the stand.

Instead, a Department of Children Services employee relayed what Samantha told her during an interview about Camron's death.

"She and her husband had seen a report on the news of a home invasion and at that time they decided to move the gun from the shelf to the night stand for protection," Lorie Hammond with DCS testified.

And that, the jury said, was not negligence.

"My personal view is this is a case that probably shouldn't have been prosecuted anyway," Ripper said. "These are people that had to live with this for three years. Finally tonight, finally tonight they get to sleep."

The Wallace's did not want to comment leaving the courtroom.

A family member told the media they had been through enough.

The case against them is dismissed.


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