CHICKAMAUGA, GA (WRCB) -- Since 2002 the GHSA has been giving out a Director's Cup to the top athletic programs in Georgia.

Gordon Lee cracked the top five with a second place finish last year. This year they passed even their expectations. For the first time in school history, they won the Director's Cup in Class-A after taking home an unheard of five state titles in one season.

The Trojans won state titles in basketball, wrestling (2), boys golf and a third straight for senior Kalei Kimbrell and the softball team.

What's in the water?

Kimbrell said, "Everybody eats the same thing."

Athletic Director Shonn Weldon added with a smile on his face, "if you walked around our campus you'd know in a hurry we're not using any HGH or steroids all you gotta do is look at us we're not very big but we do a lot with what we have."

In a sports era where we constantly question success at college and pro levels there's a certain innocence unrivaled by high school sports. Gordon Lee is helping lead that charge.

Weldon is proud of the GHSA Director's Cup they earned for the states best Class-A athletic program but what the Trojans do before the game starts matters most.

"We had our basketball banquet this year and the girls coach said out of 17 players we had two or three B's, the rest were all A's."

Tongue in cheek they called the "B" students slackers.

Weldon sets the bar high for his student athletes and it's been paying off.

Kimbrell said, "You have to make good grades you have to be involved. All the athletes have an understanding that there is an expectation. It's something that's been going on for a long time and everyone feels like they have to live up to that"

In addition to the five state titles, Gordon Lee had three state runner-up teams.

Other notable schools from the area: Dalton won the 7-AAAA region and finished in the top fiver for the state. Ridgeland finished 11th overall in AAAA thanks to their football state runner-up.