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Patten Tower residents becoming desperate for answers

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Gregory Ratliff has spent the last 72 hours holed up in a hotel room on Brainerd Road.

"We were brought here Monday and they told us we can't leave the room until they come and talk to us," he says. "I'm lost and a little ticked."  

No one has come and Ratliff says he's becoming more desperate for answers.

"I'm on a fixed income, I have a heart condition, I'm a diabetic, I need my monitor. It's in the building. I can't get it," he explains.

Looking for help, he says he's called PK Management's toll free hotline dozens of times but he's still waiting on a return phone call.  

Greg Waite with the American Red Cross says they're still conducting welfare checks on residents throughout the city. On Tuesday, the Red Cross visited more than 100 of them. Waite says some of the residents had extremely high blood pressure.

A spokesperson for Mayor Andy Berke's office says the building is considered a safety hazard and PK Management should have a plan of action for providing tenants with their personal property. However, it may be a while before we know what that plan is.

"I want to know something, you know," Ratliff says. "Just let me know something."

Channel 3 attempted to contact several members of PK Management, including its PR representative, but our calls have not been returned.

City officials encourage residents to call the toll free hot line at 1-866-211-0227.

The city is also offering to help put residents in contact with PK Management. They can call the city at 211.


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