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Good Samaritan saves ducks from morning commuters

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Christy Williams and Mama Duck Wednesday morning. Christy Williams and Mama Duck Wednesday morning.

An morning traffic snarl or slowdown doesn't usually present problems for veteran commuters, who are used to the give-and-take of daily driving.

But Wednesday morning, there was a bit of a jam at the souther end of the Thrasher Bridge over the Tennessee River at the Chickamauga Dam.

Originally dispatched as Canada geese blocking the roadway, the traffic jam turned out to be a family of ducks "migrating" across the busy roadway during the morning rush hours.

Commuter Christy Williams sprung into action to prevent the ducks from what seemed like an inevitable situation.

Here's the story in her words:

"There was a call in about a duckling family traveling on the Chickamauga dam this morning on the radio and I saved them! I attached a picture of the mother and me on our way to reunite her with her ducklings!
I thought I would share my story this morning. If you were coming into Hixson this morning around 9 AM and caught in traffic, that was my fault. I drove across on my way to work and almost hit a duck and her ducklings trying to make it across the Chickamauga dam. I turned around getting off and back on the highway to save this family by doing something dangerous. I turned on my lights and stopped on the left side of the dam(in the fast lane).

Unfortunately I was too late, the duck just got hit along with 2 ducklings right in front of me that sent me into a panic and I began jumping and yelling at traffic to stop. We saved 5 ducklings! To my surprise as I was leaving the scene, the mother was tucked away midway across the dam. It was the father duck that got hit. I ran to get her. This wild duck let me scoop her up with little to no fight.

I crossed the dam once more to reunite the family.
The others that helped gather the ducklings with me would love to know I found her and took her back to where we put the ducklings! With so much sad news, it would be great to share this positive story to others. We can make a difference if we put in the effort!"

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