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DAY TWO: Parents found not guilty of accidental shooting death of toddler

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Father Thomas Wallace testifies on the stand Wednesday. Photo by Antwan Harris/ Father Thomas Wallace testifies on the stand Wednesday. Photo by Antwan Harris/
Camron Wallace Camron Wallace

Some viewers may find the testimony to be graphic.


DAY TWO(Most recent Tweets first)

- Thomas and Samantha Wallace found not guilty of criminally negligent homicide.

- A verdict has been reached.

- Jury is now in deliberations.

- Judge Stern is reading the instructions to the jury and a page is missing. She says this is a "commercial break."

- Attorney Dan Ripper says the gun was moved for safety reasons. He says parents did the best they could to protect themselves.

- Closing arguments in 10 minutes.

- Asst DA is asking why Wallace didn't talk to anyone about the gun after the shooting. Judge Stern says this is argumentative.

- Wallace says he would shoot at cans and targets when he took the kids shooting.

- Wallace says he was raised around guns his entire life.

- Assistant District Attorney Charles Minor is now cross examining Thomas Wallace.

- Wallace says he had to bury his daughter 2 days after the shooting. He says he goes to her gravesite twice a week.

- Thomas Wallace says no one has asked him about the gun after the shooting. He says investigators never spoke with him.

- Wallace says he kept the gun on a closet shelf wrapped up in a green towel.

- Wallace says once he got to the hospital he waited in the family room until he was told his daughter had died.

- Wallace says he fell to the ground crying when he was told what happened.

- Wallace is tearfully explaining what happened the day Camron was shot.

- Camron's father, Thomas Wallace says he was running late for work the day the shooting happened.

- Trial is in recess until 1:15 pm

- The state rests its case.

- Diagram being shown of how the bullet traveled through the body. Bullet entered through ribcage then hit the tip of the heart.

- The Wallaces can't watch as the photographs are being shown

- Photograph of the hand being shown. Now the state calls for photograph of chest wound. Exhibit 38.

- Camron's left hand has a gunshot graze on it. .4 x.6 in size. This shows the barrel was near her hand when fired.

- Autopsy shows where the bullet went in the center of Camron's chest and exited through the back.

- Autopsy shows Camron had bruises consistent with children her age playing around.

- Dr Metcalf is on the stand and the jury is back in the court. Dr Metcalf is from Australia. That's where he studied.

- Judge Stern will allow one photo as evidence.

- Dr Metcalf says the photo determines the distance and angle of how the gun was fired.

- Photo of gunshot wound being displayed. The Wallaces are very emotional as they watch.

- Dr. James Metcalf called to the stand. He works at the Hamilton County Medical Examiners office. He performed autopsy on Camron.

- Per DCS policy, after meeting with clients and putting notes in the system, they are to destroy the notes immediately.

- Wallace told DCS the guns were moved Sunday night as a result of reports of home invasions nearby.

- Attorney Dan Ripper is asking DCS about the conversation with Miss Wallace. She says she was aware it could be recorded.

- Kids ran to Miss Wallace to say Camron had been shot. Wallace says she heard a "low pop" sound.

- Wallace says she told children to go to their bedrooms because it was nap time. The boy slept in girls room because his was hot.

- Samantha Wallace told DCS the gun was kept on top shelf and moved to night stand for protection because of home invasion reports.

- Lori Hammond with children's services is on the stand.

- "If you fire a .45 caliber, would you mistake that for a tire pop at the shop?" -- The state to the Bob Haynes

- Haynes says he remembers the boy breaking a window at the home but that was prior to the shooting.

- Bob Haynes owns the Wallace's home. The state questioned him about broken locks and bolts that needed repair.

- State calls Bob Haynes to the stand. He owns the tire shop.

- Allen says Mr Wallace ran to his home from the tire shop he worked at after he heard about what happened.

 - Angela Allen says she grabbed the kids from the home and tried to keep them calm after the shooting.

- Witness on the stand who works at a shop behind the Wallace's home

- WallaceTrial back in session.


A Chattanooga couple is on trial for the death of their two-year-old daughter.

Tuesday, a jury was selected and the prosecution presented its case.

It's been nearly three years since Camron Wallace's brother found a revolver in his parents' nightstand and accidentally shot and killed his sister.

Prosecutors say it wasn't the only gun in the house.

Wiping tears from their faces, Thomas and Samantha Wallace were forced to relive the day their 2 year-old daughter Camron died.

"There was a revolver in a night stand in the master bedroom," Detective James Tate testified. "That revolver was loaded."

Samantha Wallace told Detective James Tate she was in the other room when Camron's 5-year-old sibling fired the .45 caliber revolver, hitting her in the chest.

The jury of 13 is made up of eight women and five men.

They will decide if Thomas and Samantha Wallace are guilty of criminally negligent homicide.

If convicted, they could face one to six years in jail.

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