DUNLAP, TN (WRCB) -- Debbie Morrison and her husband with Serenity Pointe Outreach in Dunlap load the truck full of donations for Oklahoma.

The region was hit with a second tornado in the last week.

The latest outbreak has raised the death toll to 18.

"I know what it is like to have a problem then have more weather issues. Yeah it is really hard," Morrison says.

Morrison has lived through tornadoes in both Tennessee and Alabama and says her sister is still recovering from being injured in the storms.

In Oklahoma, debris still litters neighborhoods where families used to call home.

Morrison says since the storms have passed, it's not about salvaging. Some victims have to start their lives all over.

"It is not just a matter of picking up the pieces for them. It is a series of a lot of steps."

Local Red Cross volunteers are still in the devastated region helping in the El Reno area after spending two weeks in Moore.

Michael Puryear says his day had just wrapped up when the second round of killer storms passed through.

This latest EF-5 was over 2 miles wide, the largest on record.

"It was sort of a chaotic thing getting everyone together but we made it out unscathed," Puryear says.

Morrison says she's taking the basic needs like blankets and pillows to victims hopes of meeting up with the Red Cross.

It's people like Morrison that have helped Puryear carry out his mission.

"You really can't tell the story until you see it. It is unreal," says Morrison.

Morrison leaves Wednesday around noon from the Serenity Pointe parking lot on Rankin Avenue in Dunlap.

You can leave any donations at that location.