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Some Rhea Co. residents still without power after storms

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Several homeowners located in Rhea County say they are still without power weeks after storms and flooding plagued the county.

For these homeowners, the nightmare began after a string of back to back storms that hit Rhea County hard a few weeks ago. 

They went weeks without power. Then, the same area experienced strong wind and rain over the weekend that left them without power again Sunday night and Monday morning.

"City officials and local charities have stopped buy to assess the damage," says Tonya Tross.

Sheis still without power and living in a severely flood damaged home. Tross says the Salvation Army gave her $50, the Red Cross gave her a fewcleaning supplies and one warm meal. 

She says she appreciates all the gestures but is still left with a huge mess, no power or money to pay for the damage.

"A lot of people around here can't afford insurance so they are stuck fending for themselves."

Another homeowner affected is George Ettehiem. 

"The weather has been an interesting component aroundhere.  It seems like it is a weekly issues that we get heavy rainsaturation."

Dayton Electric said they double checked that area today tohelp restore power to anyone that placed a service call.

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