Kelsey's Woods will play the Riverbend Music Festival on Saturday, June 15.

The band will play on the TVFCU Stage at 9:15 p.m.

Kelsey's Woods in an American country, folk, rock band from Chattanooga composed originally of singer/songwriter Dave Kennedy and Russ Torbett on the standup bass and drums. They have also added Andrew Bryant on drums.

The band is a group that boasts three and four part harmonies and interchangeable lead singers.

They write their own music which centers around love, heartbreak, loss, murder, redemption, and the "age old tradition of finding salvation in a whiskey glass."

They find inspiration in artists like Johnny Cash, Bruce Springstein, Neil Young, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, and Tom Petty.

They released their first album, "One More Heart to Break" in July 2012. The album featured Shawna Cyphers on the fiddle and harmonies, but she has since left the band.

Randall M. Brown of called the album "rich in steel guitar, fiddle and barroom heartbreak." It features 13 songs.

Following the release of the album the band has added Will Carter on lead guitar and Stevie Jones on the Hammond organ and honky tonk piano.

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