The heavy rain and wind that blew through the Tennessee Valley caused serious damage in Rhea County.

Mother Nature paid another visit this weekend adding more to the list of damage that seemed overwhelming to begin with.

Among those hit hardest, Potters House of Prayer in Dayton. The roof caved in, pews were destroyed, and all of their reading materials ruined. 

"Water was up to the bottom of the windows on the inside and the outside," says Pastor Jerold Jump.

Church members started working on the damaged rood Saturday night when the storms started back up.

"It is hard to put a roof on a building when it is poor down rain all the time."

Rhea County dispatch confirmed that several power outages, downed power lines and trees were reported Sunday morning, including Potters House of Prayer.

They are not giving up though and work everyday trying to  restore their church to its original condition. 

If you would like to donate money or supplies – the pastor's number is 423-305-5912