CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Chattanooga Fishing Forum (CFF) held the fifth tournament of its ten tournament season Saturday, June 1, 2013, out of Harrison Bay State Park. 28 teams consisting of Chattanooga Fishing Forum members participated in the event.

The team of Brian Ledford and Troy Goswick caught a three-fish limit weighing 16.20 pounds to win first place in the tournament.  The team also weighed in the big fish of the tournament with a giant largemouth weighing 8.94 pounds.

Ledford and Goswick reported fishing several different places throughout the day and catching all their fish on crankbaits and texas rigged worms.

The duo of Gary Hughes and Steve Norris won the biggest spot award with a spotted bass weighing 1.89 pounds.

Cris Belcher and Ciera Belcher won the biggest smallmouth award with a smallmouth bass weighing 3.54 pounds.

The Chattanooga Fishing Forum is an online fishing forum of local fisherman with a membership of nearly 8000 anglers. Qualifying for CFF tournaments requires active participation in the forum in the form of fishing reports, tournament reports, and general fishing and outdoors discussion. For more info on becoming a member visit

Listed below are the top 10 places:

1st- Brian Ledford and Troy Goswick - 16.20 lbs.
2nd - Cris Belcher and Ciera Belcher - 15.42 lbs.
3rd - Tim Thornbury - 13.33 lbs.
4th - Jeff Hawkins - Robert Simpson - 12.20 lbs.
5th - Brigam Young and Billy Skidmore - 12.07 lbs.
6th - Terry Williams and Jerry Goodner - 11.57 lbs.
7th - Billie Simpson and Danny Daniels - 11.32 lbs.(Tie)
7th - Brian Dietz and Jason Kirk - 11.32 lbs. (Tie)
8th - Jim McClanahan and James Dillard - 11.24 lbs.
9th - Leonard Steele and Tonya Steele - 11.16 lbs.
10th - Lance Nunley and Thomas Wilson - 11.12 lbs.